The Rubik's Cube

I started speedsolving Rubik's Cubes in July of 2005. It started when I had two incomplete cubes and I decided to solve them that afternoon using some instructions printed out from the internet (from here). I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to solve the cubes with the instructions. After solving one, the task became a matter of memorizing algorithms and finding out how fast can I solve it. In the years after, I pursued getting faster at solving the cube and all sorts of twisty puzzles.
Today, I periodically speedsolve and go to WCA competitions if they are near me or I seek an excuse to travel somewhere new. It is not so much about the speed anymore but seeing friends, from all over the world, that I've made along the way. It has been an incredibly rewarding hobby in that regard. Below are various categories to help beginner and and intermediate speedcubers.