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How to Reassemble a 4x4

A lot of people have asked me about this for some reason. So here's an easy to follow visual guide, if your entire 4x4 isn't totally disassembled then go to the picture that corrosponds to your case and go from there.
Note / Disclaimer / Warning: Throughout the guide when inserting edges make sure you're putting them in the correct way, an attempt in putting them in the wrong way can break the center pieces, so be careful, I'm not responsible for pieces that you break during the course of this guide.

Okay, so you probably have this:

First lets start by orginizing the pieces, this makes reassembling the cube a lot faster because you don't have to look around for the right piece.

Now start by putting the centers in the gap you see here on the core.

Now once you've put at least four edges in you should have this.

They may not be very stable (which is why I'm holding them like so) so put that center face down.

Now start inserting this layer's edges and corners.

After you have this insert the 2nd layer centers.

Then the 2nd layer edges.

Then the 3rd layer centers.

.....3rd layer edges.

Now you're on the last layer. Start off by inserting the last layer's centers like. You'll want to insert then kinda loosly since you'll be wanting to move them around when inserting the edges and such.

Now insert 2 adjacent edge pairs, and 3 corners. Then insert the 3rd edge pair, you can do this by turning the last layer 1/4th turn and snapping the edges in much like a 3x3.

Now place the last corners.

And place the last edge much like you placed the 3rd Last Layer edge.

And that's it, your 4x4 should be reassembled!

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