What’s Ahead

Hi, I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted much of anything on my website or on my YouTube account, but I have good excuses. Since the 2.0 launch of this site in mid March, I have been involved with school and several time consuming events on every Saturday since then. In case you’re wondering it has mostly been Track Meets, an ACT test, and a team competition in and all I’ll say is that we got into the Nationals for it. So the NMAA A-AA State meet was last weekend and therefore my Saturdays are free again, meaning several things.

1: I can get on with making and posting .PDF guides, I have started a “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube” .pdf but never gotten around with finishing it. I plan on making an Algorithm pages for Big Cube Parities, the Square-1, Blindfold solving, and hopefully F2L.

2. I have time for the video tutorials including How to Solve a Square-1 and How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded (which I promised almost a year ago). Hopefully I can get those out the door quickly, that’s all i have planned for now, beyond those two tutorials, I think I’ll be out of tutorial ideas until the 6×6’s from v-cubes.com come out.

3. Fill in Missing Sections, I’ve received countless messages that the F2L, OLL, and Computer Related Links don’t work, to tell the truth and be technical about things, they do work, notice the linked page on them is /# which means that they’ll just stay on the same page you’re on (as an example click here). My priority on those is F2L, OLL, Computer Related (if I even want that section anymore).

So that’s is what’s to come, if anyone else has any suggestions as to what else the site is missing, or what I could do a tutorial on after I make “HTS Square-1” and “HTS Blindfold” you can post them in the comments. Stay Tuned!

A Weekend in Speedcubing

There have been three competitions in the last two days one three different continents, included are several new records pushing the competition even further in the world of speedcubing. We’ll go in reverse order.

Chattahoochee Spring: Chris Hardwick (my cubing hero) is back setting the world records for solving big cubes blindfolded again. Now that Mayas Kuti is out of competition for a few years the Blindfolded events are going to see some major competition. Already the contest for the first official (and legal) sub-minute solve is under way, the closest person to it seeming to be Rowe Hessler, claiming an astounding 54.77 Blindfolded average of 12 last week. But until he gets to a competition, the record still stands at 1:00.62 set by Alexander Yu at Princeton last week.

Danish Open: There were no world records set at this competition, again now that Kuti is out, European competitions are going to be a little more saturated, as in a lot more National Records, less World Records. The only other thing which I find more funny about this competition is that former world record holder Erik Akkersdijk won everything except three events. Made me laugh anyway.

Osaka Open: This competition was filled with World Records, most significant being the World Record 3×3 average World Champion Yu Nakajima set at 11.33! His times (16.69) , 12.56, (10.46), 10.72, 10.71 are proof that he is capable of a sub-11 or possibly even a sub-10 average in a competition. Giving the best solvers on all continents a run for their money. Other World Records include Takayuki Ookusa‘s World Record single solve of 1:27.43 and his average of 1:35.04, which coincidently equals my personal best for the 4×4!

So that’s it for this weekend, until next time keep cubing!

New Look and Features

So after several months of drawing and redrawing graphics, writing and rewriting code, adjusting elements several pixels up or down or left or right. Then making all compatible with Internet Explorer. The redesign is finally done.

In it’s entirety it’s mostly the same website with some sections ditched and new ones added in their place. The art section was totally pointless, the Computer Related section I never was able to develop to what I wanted it to be. Needless to say those sections are gone from the main pages and put into the “other” category just in case anyone did like those sections. I replaces them with a Comic section and this Blog. Both I’m still trying to fill with content especially the Comics.

Otherwise everything is the same, hopefully I’ll get to making all the .pdfs for all my guides next week along with the various missing pages in the Rubik’s Cube section as I will be going to the Princeton open this weekend.

So that’s all, tell me what you think of it all in the comments. :)