Away From GoDaddy, now on Namecheap

After last week’s fiasco with GoDaddy, I decided to move domains and hosting server. TheSixSides and another domain of mine are now hosted by Namecheap on a server by Namecheap.

GoDaddy’s position on the entire matter of the Stop Online Piracy Act is despicable and I can only hope that the mass of domain transfers gives them something to think about. For many, GoDaddy agreeing to SOPA was merely the last straw, it was for me, the company has historically been pretty darn annoying. I can think of a few other reasons why I decided to leave GoDaddy.

  • Advertising campaigns. Yeah yeah sex sells, but really what a blow for feminism.
  • Bob Parsons big game hunting controversy. Keep it in the game next time (pretty sure no elephants in that game actually).
  • Constantly trying to sell you stuff. I have this suspicion that they want you to log on to their site drunk really out of it and ” “accidentally” buy 50 SSL certificates and silly domains with every silly feature they offer.
  • Icky Sticky User Interface on their site. I’ve had to consult their documentation every time I wanted to do something.

So no more of any of that, Namecheap has been extremely helpful. Especially tonight when I accidentally got my IP locked out twice because I was accessing some ports I wasn’t supposed to. On top of this I’ve been learning some Ruby recently and tonight found out that I can’t run Ruby apps (or I don’t think I can), guess it’s an excuse to look more at PHP or Javascript like I wanted should’ve been. So besides those things, Namecheap is pretty good, at least they don’t support SOPA!

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Things are looking good so far, I have to change the images and little formatting quirks. Still though, the whole site is in PHP + HTML now. This way it will be even easier to upgrade in future. It’s fun taking these little steps to simplicity of upgrading a site. The function is awesome by the way.

another crack at it.

Still messing around with the logo, at least I know I want Helvitica though. I’m experimenting a lot with the cube still, colors shape etc, which by the way is harder if you don’t have Illustrator. Oh there’s no shadow in these, that should be changed.

In other news I filmed some stuff last week and hopefully will resume posting semi-regularly this or next week.