V-Cube 3 Leaked

January 7th, 2012

According to this speedsolving.com post and the subsequent links inside Verdes Innovations is making a 3×3 cube. Product was apparently posted to Amazon too early and with it, the pictures. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s pillowed, like their 7×7 and one of their 2×2′s! This is very unfortunate because it means that it will not be allowed in WCA competition¬†(see rule 3h with curved sides more pieces than normal are viewable).

Historically Verdes cubes has not been listened to their fans and has even gone out of their way a couple times to prevent the sale of ¬†certain cubes that they claim infringe on patents (the GuHong). I would really like to see a V-Cube 4 more than anything else (although it’ll probably be most like a Maru 4×4) and some people would like to see larger cubes than the 7x7s. Either way, few people wanted them to make a 3×3, and now that they have, it’s pillowed!? C’mon.

I don’t think I’ll be getting this even to simply review, it looks a lot like the Meffert’s Feliks 3×3 and I’m sure it’s fast, but not WCA legal and that’s a big determinant on what puzzles I get.

UPDATE: There’s a flat version too!

5 Responses to “V-Cube 3 Leaked”

  1. Dany says:

    I agree with you, I really want to see a V-Cube 4 more than anything else. Big cubes would be too expensive in my opinion, and a pillowed 3×3 isn’t even worth getting, because I’m sure since it’s V-Cube it’ll be on the higher side money-wise. And that it’s pillowed also makes it completely useless to me, and most other people.

  2. Brandon R. says:

    This just sucks in general, waste of time in all for V-cube and for cubers like us in my opinion

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  4. Aidan T says:

    V-CUBE 3 IS OUT :D

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